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Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review

Updated: May 18, 2024
Image Nectar Hybrid Mattress

Nectar Hybrid Mattress

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Our Review

The Nectar hybrid mattress is among the latest entrants in the dual-construction mattress space. It was released in 2022 as a breathable, bouncier, and more supportive alternative to the original Nectar.

Like the Nectar classic, this model aims to take over the hybrid scene by combining quality with a great price value. If you’re eyeing the Nectar hybrid queen mattress or other smaller options, it’s possible to snag it at well below the 1000-dollar mark when it’s on sale. 

In this Nectar hybrid mattress review, we’ll unpack everything that you need to know before buying it. We’ll start by looking at its height and firmness before delving into its construction and the policies that back it. Lastly, we’ll get into consumer reviews of Nectar hybrid to give you a feel of what others say about this mattress. 

Nectar Classic Hybrid Mattress Build and Quality 


The Nectar hybrid has a 5-layer construction and a height of 12” (30cm). This profile makes it just as tall as its namesake all-foam Nectar mattress. So, you don’t have to worry about height changes if upgrading to the newer model. 

Mattresses 8” to 12” are considered standard. They tend to be more supportive and long-lasting than thinner mattresses and can accommodate different body shapes. 


The Nectar hybrid is medium-firm, just like the flagship memory foam Nectar mattress. On the mattress firmness scale, our review team put it at 6.5, which is the industry standard for medium-firm mattresses. 

The Nectar hybrid reviewed here has the unique memory foam feel for which the Nectar classic is known. When you lie on it, it softens slowly, allowing you to sink into the comfort layers. The top foam layer conforms to your body curves and springs back to its original shape when you get up.              

This mattress’s comfort layer is more responsive than traditional memory foam. This will be a huge plus for individuals who move a lot in bed or have problems changing sleeping positions. The faster response means the “stuck in the mud feeling” typical of conventional memory foam mattresses is reduced. 

The Nectar classic hybrid mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions but works best for back and stomach sleepers and side sleepers weighing over 130 lbs. Side sleepers under 130 lbs require a mattress with more cushioning, like the all-foam Nectar classic model.

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Nectar Hybrid Mattress Construction 


The Nectar hybrid has a quilted cooling cover treated with Microban. Microban is an EPA-approved additive that protects products from the growth of common microbes, including bacteria, mold, mildew, and even Covid. This cover can’t be removed for washing, meaning spot cleaning is the only way to wash it. The Nectar classic hybrid cover has 4 handles that make lifting, turning, and moving it convenient. 

Comfort Section 

The top layer of the Nectar classic hybrid consists of 2” high-density cooling gel memory foam. This foam hugs your body curves to prevent pressure buildup. Its high-density construction means it contains more material, making it less likely to break down fast. And thanks to gel technology, this comfort layer retains less heat than traditional memory foam. 

Dynamic Transition Layer

The Dynamic transition layer is an inch of premium poly foam. This layer provides the initial support and rebound to the comfort layer, making repositioning easy. The transition layer also acts as a buffer, so you don’t feel the pocketed coils below. 

Support System 

The main support player of the Nectar hybrid is a system of individually wrapped coils. Individually pocketed coils are a game-changer in the spring-based mattress space because they respond to pressure individually. This feature minimizes motion transfer, thereby reducing partner disturbance. Also, these coils enhance comfort and pressure relief by filling into the curves of your sleeping form. 

Nectar Sleep says that this coil system has edge-to-edge support. By this, they are referring to the thicker coils that run around the perimeter. More edge support means that the Nectar hybrid is a good mattress for couples because they enjoy extra sleeping surface. The enhanced edge support also means years of durability with less sagging. 

Base Layer

At the bottom, you’ll find an inch of sturdy poly foam that creates a foundation for all the layers above. It keeps the coil system stable and absorbs some of the energy from the springs to minimize motion transfer. Another indirect benefit of the base layer is reducing noise from the coils, especially as they age.

Trial, Warranty, and Return Policies 

365-Night Home Trial and Free Returns

One of the best things about the Nectar Hybrid is its super-long trial period of 365 nights. This is more than just a whole year of testing the mattress comfortably in your bedroom. It’s an opportunity to understand how the mattress performs throughout the four seasons. If you don’t like the mattress for any reason within the trial window, Nectar allows you to return the mattress free of charge for a full refund. 

Forever Warranty

If the Nectar hybrid is a good mattress for you and you decide to keep it, your purchase will be backed up by Nectar's forever warranty. This warranty is the longest in the industry. The manufacturer promises to repair or replace the mattress for as long as you own it. 

What Other Reviewers Say 

Nectar hybrid mattress reviews online are mostly positive, although we also found a few scattered complaints. The Nectar classic hybrid scores a lot of marks in areas like support, edge support, motion isolation, durability, and cooling. Most reviewers also point out that the pocketed coils make it much easier to move around on the mattress. 

Most Nectar classic hybrid reviews agree that this is an excellent match for back sleepers, average-weight side sleepers, and lightweight stomach sleepers. This model is also one of the best mattresses for couples thanks to its reinforced perimeter, cooling features, and motion isolation. 

Common Nectar hybrid mattress complaints include its lack of enough support for heavy stomach sleepers and the need to rotate every three months. Like other hybrids, the Nectar classic is pricey before discounts and other free accessories. 


Ultimately, the question is whether the Nectar hybrid is a good mattress. We think the Nectar classic hybrid is best if you’re looking for a medium-firm bed with a dense memory foam feel and above-average cooling abilities. It will also fit the bill for most couples, combination sleepers, and hot sleepers.

It has several downsides, including its unremovable cover and relatively higher price tag before discounts and coupons. But with a 365-night trial period, forever warranty, and free returns, the Nectar hybrid mattress is worth trying.

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