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Brooklyn Bedding Review

Updated: June 19, 2024
120 Night Trial
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Brooklyn Bedding

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Brooklyn Bedding is an American bedding company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. This mattress-in-a-box manufacturer was launched in 2009 and is among the most popular online mattress brands. 

This Aurora mattress review will focus on what is probably Brooklyn Beddings’ most popular mattress today. Part of what makes it a popular option for most people is its three firmness options, which mean there’s a model for every sleeping position and weight range. As a hybrid mattress, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora also appears in most reviews of the best cooling mattresses. 

Wondering whether the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a good mattress for you? Read on as we cover everything you want to know about this mattress, from its build quality to firmness, feel and general performance. 

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Build and Quality

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a hybrid mattress that’s designed, made and assembled right here in the USA. This hybrid mattress combines individually wrapped coils and four different types of foam to create a top-of-the-line bed that won’t sag easily. 

This mattress’s build quality is immediately evident when you unroll and let it inflate to its full size. This is not surprising for a product coming from Brooklyn Bedding. In our experience with this American manufacturer, part of what makes it popular is the careful selection of materials and the level of quality that goes into its mattresses. 

We’ve come across brands that claim to have quality mattresses, only for their products to fail to live up to those claims. But we must say that the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora looks and feels different in all aspects that matter when looking for a quality mattress. 

On that note, we’re particularly intrigued by its cooling abilities. From the cover to the individual foam layers and coil system, it’s easy to see that the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is made purposely with hot sleepers in mind. 

Thickness and Firmness 


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress has five layers that add up to 13.5 inches. This thickness lands it in the category of luxury mattresses, which are at least 13 inches tall. But as this Aurora mattress review shows, this height profile isn’t the only feature that qualifies it as a luxury bed. 


Mattress firmness is, by and large, the most crucial aspect when buying a mattress. A mattress with the right firmness level promotes proper spinal alignment while offering ample relief to pressure points.

On the other hand, a mattress that feels too soft or too firm will distort your natural spinal alignment and fail to provide enough cushioning to your pressure points. Such a mattress is uncomfortable and likely to cause body strain and soreness, especially on your lower back. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all firmness in the world of mattresses. The perfect firmness depends on several factors, including your weight, body shape and sleeping position. 

With this in mind, Brooklyn Bedding offers the Aurora mattress in three firmness levels: soft, medium-firm and firm.

The soft version scores 4/10 on the mattress firmness scale. We’d recommend it to individuals who prefer a supportive mattress with lots of hugs. This mattress will impress side sleepers and individuals weighing 130 lbs and below. 

The medium-firm model feels like a 6 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale. This is a versatile firmness level thanks to its incredible balance of support and contouring. This model is a favorite for people who prefer sinking into the mattress slightly without sagging excessively. It’s especially popular with back and stomach sleepers below 130 pounds and side sleepers up to 230 lbs.

The firm Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress scores a 7 on the firmness scale. This model will interest individuals who prefer sleeping on a mattress with a floating sensation. It’s typically best for stomach sleepers and individuals weighing 230 lbs and above.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Construction 


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress starts with a smooth, cool-to-the-touch Euro top cover infused with TitanCool cooling technology. The latter is a Phase Changing Material (PCM) that absorbs skin temperature to maintain it within a comfortable range. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress cover can’t be removed, so it’s not machine-washable. 

Comfort Zone

You’ll find two distinct layers here. The first from the top is a 1.5” layer of CopperFlex infused with TitanCool. This layer feels like a blend of memory foam and latex. It has the conforming and pressure point relief properties of the visco-elastic foam and the high responsiveness of latex. 

Additionally, this layer has copper infusion to help with heat dissipation and protection against microbial growth and odors. Next is a 2” layer of Titanflex that provides additional cushioning and responsiveness for added comfort. Depending on the model you choose, this foam may be soft, medium or firm. 

Transition Zone

The soft and medium-firm Aurora mattress models have a one-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam for the transition zone. The firmer version has a 1.5” layer of Variflex foam, which is comparably firmer than the gel memory foam. Both layers should ease you down nicely onto the firm coil support beneath it. 

Support Zone

True to a typical hybrid mattress, Aurora’s support zone is a system of 8-inch individually pocketed coils. Brooklyn Bedding recently zoned this support system so that the middle part is firmer than the head and foot sections. This is a growing design in the mattress industry that’s meant to provide more support to your midsection that bears most of your body weight. Like most hybrids, this coil system also creates sturdier edge support. Stronger edge support makes getting in and out of bed easier. Additionally, it prolongs the mattress’ longevity by limiting sagging. 

Delivery, Trial and Warranty Policies


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is a bed-in-a-box, meaning it’s shipped inside a box. Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping to all contiguous US states. Unboxing is easy and can be done solo, but having someone else help you will make the whole process easier and more fun. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora hybrid mattress takes 24-48 hours to inflate fully.


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress has a 120-night trial period. This is four months of testing the mattress in your home to determine whether it’s the perfect mattress for your sleep needs. Note that this trial period includes a 30-night mandatory break-in period. 


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is an incredible mattress, as most reviews online affirm. This mattress has several unique features that set it apart from standard hybrid mattresses. First is its 4.5” foam layers that are thick enough to provide comfort, cushion pressure points and prevent motion transfer without creating an overpowering foam feel. The second aspect is its intentional cooling abilities. Lastly, it’s good to know that there’s a firmness level for every body type and sleeping position in Aurora’s three firmness options.

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