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Best Adjustable Beds 2023 - Buying Guide

Tips for Choosing an Adjustable Bed

What size?

Despite their complexity, adjustable beds, like standard beds, are available in almost any size that you'd think of; single, double, twin, full, king, and queen. The only thing to point out is that these beds' size is not standardized across different manufacturers. So, inquire about the bed's actual size and determine whether it will fit in the bedroom you're furnishing.

Will you share the bed with your partner?

A single adjustable bed may be enough if you won't be sharing the bed with anyone. If you're looking to sleep in luxury, a double offers that extra space to spread out without it filling the entire bedroom. To accommodate two people, consider a full adjustable bed. A queen or king will provide even more space, especially if one of you has a larger body size.

Independently adjustable sides- sounds good?

When buying the best adjustable bed for couples, don't assume that the adjustment options will suit both parties. For a more customized sleep experience, two singles with independent adjustment mechanisms might make more sense.

Mattress compatibility

Luckily, you don't need a special type of mattress for your adjustable bed. Reclining beds will work with most non-spring mattresses, including memory foam, latex, and poly foam. But because of the stress that the bed will exert on the mattress regularly, you want to ensure that your mattress is of the best quality possible. Consider that your worn-out mattress may not work well with an adjustable bed. Secondly, note that most conventional innerspring and air mattresses are not supported due to all the folding involved.

Special features

The best adjustable beds online cost a lot compared to most standard beds. Do your homework to ensure that you're getting a great deal of the features that you'd wish for in your investment. Here are a couple of some of the best features to choose from;

  • Wall-hugging- a convenient easy-reach feature that keeps the bedside table within reach as the bed adjusts.
  • Massage functions and heat pad- these technologies create an invigorating night's sleep by soothing pressure points and reducing swelling.
  • Zero-gravity- keeps the legs in a position higher than the head to help with back pain issues.
  • Handrails- for an easy time when getting ON and OFF the bed.
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Timed adjustment
  • Remote-controlled adjustment
  • USB port